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Vale of Leven website homepage.

History of the town of Alexandria, in the Vale of Leven.
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Page 2,
Page 3,
Page 4,
Page 5,

Vale MemoriesPage, a contribution from Malcolm Lobban.

History of the village of Balloch.
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Page 2,
Page 3,
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History of the village of Jamestown in the Vale of Leven.

A Brief History of Jamestown School from 1865 – 1935.

History of the village and parish of Bonhill.

History of the village of Renton.

Some history of the village of Luss and the west shore of Loch Lomond.

Some history of the village of Gartocharn and the east shore of Loch Lomond.

General Discussion Pages

Information about famous people born in the Vale of Leven

History of sport and leisure in the Vale of Leven

Information about organisations and businesses in the Vale.

History of the Vale of Leven

Industry in the Vale of Leven

Agriculture and Working the Land in the Vale of Leven

The schools in the Vale

Information about Loch Lomond

A contribution from A. Graeme Lappin on the history of the Loch Lomond Steamers.

A list of the place names in the Vale of Leven along with their origins.

The discussion page; on this page we post comments and information that we receive from you about the Vale or anything included in the website.

A contribution about Tullichewan Camp During World War 2

Bridging the Leven: a contribution from Gordon Burns on the history of the bridges over the River Leven.

The Vale of Leven in War Time

Ex-pats page; this page has been included for a trial period to see if there is any interest from people who once lived in the Vale of Leven or their families who may want to get in touch with old friends or relatives still living in the Vale.

The Glossary

Additional resources with information about the Vale of Leven.

Contact details and credits. Use these to contribute content this website.

Latest news about developments on the website

Songs, Poems and Prose about the Vale of Leven

Hugh Caldwell; a page about Hugh Caldwell, a local poet.

India Street; a contribution from Billy Scobie about India Street and the relationship between the Vale of Leven and India.

Old Vale of Leven Images; This page offers some unique images of the old Vale of Leven. These specifically relate to the Turnbull's Pyroligneous works at Place of Bonhill, the Dillichip works and Lennoxbank House.

Bonhill Parish Pipe Band; This is an excellent contribution from Harry Summers, which details the history of the Bonhill Parish Pipe Band from 1931 until 1979.

Mosaics Project; Aerial images of the Vale of Leven taken in 1947

The Vale During the War Years: Stories from the Vale during the wars.

A letter from a Valeman to his family sent after the battle of Loos during World War 1.

The Balloch Navy; A story about the "Balloch Navy" on Loch Lomond during World War 2.

The Territorial Army

Vale People in Babcock and Wilcox - The links between the Vale of Leven and Babcock and Wilcox in Dumbarton.

The Carman Hill Fort

Strathleven and the Appin Murder

Information about our sponsors, Toucher Web Design

Wildlife in the Vale of Leven

The Story of the Vale Empire theatre.

War Memorials in the Vale of Leven and District

Fleet Air Arm Planes Make Emergency Landings in Vale (WW2)

Eleanor Thomson, an ex-pat who now lives in  France has contributed five short articles about growing up in the Vale of Leven in the 1950s. There are delightfully nostalgic stories that will evoke memories of that time in those who are old enough to have been around then.

Was Robin Hood a local man?

WW2 Aerial Reconnaisance Photograph of RNTF

Trams Cars in the Vale of Leven.

Vale of Leven Youth Organisations

The Boys Brigade in the Vale of Leven

Prince Albert's visit to Balloch in 1849

A contribution about the history of the Clyde Canoe Club


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"For those we loved are scattered,
and some in death sleep soun',
and the old oak tree sae bonnie,
has long since been cut doon".

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