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If you are looking for old friends or relatives still living in the Vale feel free to send us your contact details along with some brief information about who you want to contact and we will post it here. Please be aware that this is not Friends Reunited. It is just an attempt to help to connect old friends from the Vale. You need not be looking for anyone specific. If you are just seeking contact from old friends in general we can let them know who and where you are. We will only display your email address if you want us to do so.

Tell us who you are, where you lived in the Vale and what school you went to along with any other significant information. For example when did you leave the area?

NOTE: When you contact us we will assume that you would like your contact information to be posted on the ex-pats page. Let us know otherwise.

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4 October 2014

I would like to add my congratulations and thanks to the organisers of this excellent website, for their hard work and attention to detail. My great grand parents, Hamiltons and Stewarts, came from the Vale where they worked in the calico block-print works. I have learnt a lot about this history through your site. They emigrated to Australia in the 1860s. Soon I hope to retrace their steps back to Bonhill, Balloch, etc.

Walter Hamilton


17 February 2014

Like many of the posts I find the website a source of wonderful memories. A native of Jamestown, my parents Walter and Nan Buchanan owned Levenbank dairy from 1935 till 1949, the dairy then became Cameron's dairy.

I attended Jamestown Public, VOLA and Lennox Tech, in Dumbarton and Clydebank My grandfather (another Walter Buchanan) lived on George street in Bonhill, and was a foreman in United Turkey Red (UTR) From the age of five untll I emigrated to Canada in 1966, my main source of fun, was 1st Jamestown life boys and boys brigade. The leaders were Willie  mc crae, Eddie Scotland and Murdoch Cameron, and who could forget Bertie Bilsland, who I'm sure will be well remembered in the vale.

So far the website has re acquainted me with a former friend in california Keep up the good work.

Walter Buchanan Collingwood, Ontario Canada

buchanans9 at msn dot com


2 December 2013

I lived in Argyll street from the age of 5. I lived in a single end st number 18. I went to leven vale school. I remember lots of friends,the MacGregor's at number20 Sammy den it, Joe layden  Phillip  and AnnTeer and the McGowan's who lived at the top of number18. my family moved to Tullichewan to a new prefab in Bromley Crescent until 1950 and then moved to a bigger house in Bon hill and I went to Bon hill school before going to the vale academy.When I was 14 I worked as a message boy for Stuart Mirrlees delivering shopping on a bike with a large basket on the front. After leaving school I served as an apprentice to Arthur Miller the blacksmith in burn Street until 1958 when I enlisted in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders for 9 years serving in Cyprus, Germany, Edinburgh, Singapore and Borneo. After leaving the forces in 1967 I went back to my trade and spent the next 32 years shoeing horses in Northumberland until retirement. Yours sincerely Ernie McDougall.

Ernie McDougall

argyll1939 at live dot co dot uk

Thank you for publishing my letter dated 2nd December 13.I would like to add some other memories of Argyll Street and the people I knew.One of my earliest memories is of playing soldiers when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Up above were some fighter planes having a dog fight and I  fired my gun ( a shovel) up at the planes and one of them began to spin down. I ran away and his because I  thought I would get wrong for shooting down a plane with my granny's coal shovel. In 1948  my teacher Miss Angus was one of the first owners of a emerald green Morris  Minor which I thought was wonderful. Today I own a 1953 Morris Minor of the same coulor which I saved from from a scrap yard 20 years ago and rebuilt. I remember Black's pony in the field across from the school. The little swine bit me on the arm when giving it an apple. Who can remember the air raid shelters being demolished and the men who tied nets to the park railings to catch rabbits. I used to love the agricultural show that was held in the hospital field behind the plantation. Who remembers George the giant  the Aberdeen Angus bull.Adding to the people I knew are Jim and Betty Ferguson,Ruby Mcilhone, Janet Strang and Billy Whiteford. I had a lot of happy memories of Argyll Street, it was a wonderful place to grow up. If any of the above people are still around I would love to hear from them. Keep up the good work,

yours Ernie McDougall.


24 June 2013

My name is Rhona Prowse (nee Hay) and I emigrated to Adelaide, Australia in 1982 with my husband (Walter) and 2 daughters (Sharon and Victoria). I was born in Govan Drive and lived in Alexandria and Balloch until emigrating. I have just read the article on the churches and it has brought back some very happy memories. Sunday school in the tin hut at the top of Argyll Street,  
then Sunday School and church in Alexandria Old Parish with Rev McFarlane, faint recollections of Rev Munro. Singing in Bridge Street Church hall, later Lomond Singers under Jean Graham.

Thank you and if possible can you say hello to Fiona Jamieson.

rhona dot prowse at gmail dot com


31 May 2013

My Father was born in the Vale in 1916 and 18 months later his own Father died, Miles Sweeney married to Roseanne McDonald.

Dad died a few years ago but without having any memory of his Fathers face , I also would like to see an image of him. I believe he worked in a factory but sang in the Working Men’s Clubs we all hope that our Grandfather will be in a photograph from one of his Gigs. Is there anyone out there who can help ? My Grandfather was also a member of The Ancient Order of the Hibernians, indeed they paid for his original gravestone.

I think the site is lovely, my Dad had a great love for the Vale although he left it as a young man. He often talked of lying in the grass looking at the sky and believing the world had just been made.

Keep up the good work

T: 01491 415609
margaret dot thomas at rrm dot co dot uk


26 February 2013

Dear Sir,

As a Vale ex pat, I periodically check the Vale of Leven website. But tonight I was most surprised and pleased to see the face of my father Joseph McIntyre (goal keeper) staring out at me from the distance of 66 years. He was in the photograph of the 1st Jamestown Battalion Football League Winners 1947 you recently uploaded.

An interesting fact perhaps is, that I myself was in the 1st Jamestown BB team that won the same league twice, around 30 years later in 1977 and 1978 (I think) I still have the medals. We also won the cup around that time, too. The final was played at Millburn Park. I wonder if any of the other players from that team are still around?

Our manager in my time was Ben Murdoch, I played centre forward. In my day we had such a strong pool of football talent that 1st Jamestown had an A & B team. I was in the A team and the B team inevitably came second in the league.

My father is still alive and living in Levenvale.

Kind Regards
Ally McIntyre.

allyssamac at googlemail dot com


12 January 2013

I grew up in Alexandria until 1967 when I moved to New Zealand I found your site today and on going through it , it brought back some great memories. Some of the facts are slightly not correct

No 34 This shop was opened by Mamie Friel when her shop in Alexander Street [ Craft St ] was burned down. I know as my family lived in 83 Alexander St beside Mamie Friels shop. Our family moved to 166 Main Street which was above Fyffes the Bakers

Re No 162 The Cosy Corner I started my drinking in this Pub when I was 15 but later used to drink at the Grapes in Main Street. I have not been back to Scotland since I left but we [my wife] and I are thinking in coming for a holiday at some stage.

so we are looking to contact any of my previous classmates  I attended St Mary's in Bank St from 1949 and then on to St Pats in Dumbarton. I don't know if you have any way in finding out if any of my classmates are still around but if you have would you pass on my E Mail address to them

With Thanks
Thomas [ Tam ] A Flynn

tadel @

Yes I would like all my details to be put on site, I would like to contact some of my old schoolmates especially Ian Lynn who worked at Renton Railway Station and I believe now lives on the other side of Glasgow. Iain Herbert, Francis Balmer and Jim Cunningham also anyone who went to St Mary's Primary and St Pats in Dumbarton

I would be very happy to hear from any of my old schoolmates especially any who are in New Zealand or Australia. I would like to get in touch with Peter Kennedy who Immigrated to Australia in the 50s and last heard of in Morwell Melbourne

Tam Flynn


15 July 2012

I am writing to ask if anyone remembers 'The Northerners' which was at Alexandria North parish Church in the "70's.  We put on various shows for the public within the church.   Me and my family were all part of this fantastic group and were very much part of the church at the time.  If anyone has any video footage, photos or memories of this group then I would love to see/hear from you to show my own children now.  The minister at the time was Mr Gilfillin.  We had  many a good time.

 Irene Dryburgh (Nee Brownlie)

dryburgh21 at btinternet dot com


8 July 2012

I have been reading your Expats letters with much enjoyment and I wonder if you could help me. My wife and I are coming to Scotland on holiday and will be in the Vale area on 22nd & 23rd July.

We would be grateful if you could help us to get in touch with our first neighbours when we married in 1955.They were David and Jean Scott and we lived next door at 29 Wilson Street. We became good friends, but as often happens, we lost touch when we returned to England. David's family ran the Ironmongers business on Bank Street and I believe David took over when his Dad retired.

I know it is a long shot and very short notice but if anyone has any news of them it will be gratefully received.

John & Sadie McLoughlin.  (jamcl75 at yahoo dot co dot uk


4 July 2012

Hi my name is jim mcmonigle now staying in Irvine originally from glasgow.interested in family history, family arrived in Cardross 1878.  Henry and Annabella sure that I have a lot of relatives in the vale and clydebank.  starting on DNA search just now . like to hear from them, am now 83 years.
jim mcmonigle     

jim dot mcmonigle at talktalk dot net



1 July 2012

Greetings to all,
My great grandfather was Robert Pollock who married Christina Hart in 1895. My grandmother, Janet Muir Pollock was one of their daughters.  Family legend has it that Robert served in WW I and died after the end of the war due to ill effects of poisonous gas used during the war.  Christina and daughter Janet (perhaps other children as well) immigrated to North America after his death. Janet, my grandmother died a few years ago having never become a citizen of this country.  My mother is also named Janet.  

Does anyone know of relatives of Robert and Christina still living in the Vale? I will be traveling from Los Angeles, California to visit Alexandria and the area around there during the second week of July 2012.  It would be nice to locate other relatives or at least the grave of Robert.

Roy D King

roydking0310 at yahoo dot com


1 June 2012

Hi:  I lived on Main Street , corner of Arthur and Main St. until 1965 when we immigrated to Canada...I went to Main Street School then onto the VOLA.  The shop on the corner was owned by Woods who later sold it to the Kairns, Alex, Nancy and their daughter Barbara.  I have been able to contact a few of my school/neighbourhood friends but I am sure there are a lot more out there and I would love to hear from them.

Best Regards

Lydia (Walker) McKenna
Manitoulin Island
Ontario Canada

valelass at msn dot com


2 May 2012


My name is Graeme Logie, and I lived in Alexandria until I was 5.5 years old.  I moved to California, when my father, James W. Logie, was hired at Hewlett-Packard in California,  in 1967.  I attended Christie Park School for a short time, August 1966-March 1967, and my Primary 1 teacher was Roberta Young.  I have only faint memories of living there.  I lived on Mitchell Street, across from the Co-Op building, down the street from McDermott's (sp?) newspaper shop on Bank Street, and upstairs from the close that led to the washing rooms in the common green area.  I remember some neighbors, Jim & Jean Henderson, and their daughter Dorothy. I think Jean worked at the sweet shop just down the street from the CP School, and near the bowling club.

My father's side of the family has been Vale folk since at least the early 1900's.  My grandfather, James Logie, married Lillian Champion, and raised 3 children, Mary, James (Jim), and David in the Bonhill and Balloch/Mill of Haldane areas.  Mary married Lachlan "Lachie" Cameron of Cameron Dairies in Jamestown, later Dumbarton, as mentioned in the history of Jamestown.  James "Jim/Jimmy" worked for Westclox, Singer, and Burroughs, and played for the Vale FPs until we left for the US.  I have memories of watching him play on the red blaze at the Vale of Leven Academy.  David married Margaret Glen, daughter of Thomas (Tam) Glen, a familiar name in the Vale. 

My mother, Euphemia (Effie) Logie, nee Anderson, was from Buchanan Smithy, where her father, Thomas, was the blacksmith there for many years.  She was the youngest of 16 children.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your site, and commend you for recording the history in a format available to so many ex-pats.  Keep up the good work!

Best regards

Graeme Logie
Campbell, CA

glogie at pacbell dot net


12 December 2011

I'm an old Vale man - born in Renton in 1951, finally left Jamestown in 1976.

What a brilliant site .......... My congratulations.

My dad worked at Dalqurhun, later at Singer. My mum's first job after having us was at the Turkey Red in the Vale. We lived in the tenements just next to the factory gates in  Alexander Street.  .....last time I went there it was a very small triangle with aggressive youths in shell suits telling me I was some kind of dobber. Sad. When I lived there it was huge, with a whole community, and we played on the roofs of the wash houses, leaping over to the river towpath. There was a whole universe of excitement - and the railway triangle gave us an environmental wilderness to explore (though looking back it was probably just gorse bushes). 

You could go near the river, and we collected baggie minnas and sticklebacks, but we were told that we must avoid at all costs Linbrain Hole. This whirlpool (or so we were told) terrified us. And you could see the water swirling, so we believed it. I went to sleep every Friday night with an old guy staggering down Alexander St singing - " Good aul the vale. Grigor Mcgrigor, Good aul the vale". For many years I assumed that this was that way we did things in the Vale! Now I'd dearly love to find out  who Grigor Mcgrigor was, and what he did.

And every evening in the summer I heard the plop" of the water vole ... something else I guess has long gone from the Leven. .

Mind you, it wasn't all good - I remember seeing an entire rainbow of colours washing out of the Turkey Red effluent pipe into the Leven. I talk about it my environmental lectures. If only I had had a camera then ....!

How things have changed. What I saw when I went back to my Alexander Street tenement was a very small space. What I remember was a universe of opportunity for games and adventure. How did we cram so many people into such a small space? Mind you - don't really miss the communal toilet on the tenement landing!! My daughter is buried in the cemetery, so I will always have a connection with the Valley of the Leven.

Good auld the Vale


camerone at blueyonder dot co dot uk


Hi Folks,

In response, to entry, by Cameron, 21th december, 2011. In paticular his reference to,Grigor Mcgrigor.

I am proud to say that i have fond memories,of when as a slip of a boy in the 50s ,i stood on the terracing at the Millburn, watching the great Vale Juniors,cup winning team.

A regular at these games was a local worthy,namely the said,Grigor Macgrigor.He was known to have great admiration for one paricular member of the team.Throughout a game he could be heard on numerous occassions,bellowing ,the words,"  gee the baw tae alex Mayberry "This allways resulted in great laughter,from,the other Vale men in the crowd and in these days crowds were big at the Millburn.

Fond memories indeed,but i am affraid this is all i can add about Grigor.

Daniel May.



I was given your site by a cousin of mine and I used to live in the Vale and Balloch. I think it is a fantastic site and brought back a lot of memory's for me. My name is Sarah Lees but most people will remember me as Sandra Lees. I went to the Vale of Leven Academy and left to live in Australia in 1993 I lived there for 18 years and have recently moved to Ontario New York where my husband and I were married in October 21st 2010.

I was originally born in Balloch at 18 Smith Crescent, Balloch. I also used to live above the old church hall at Bonhill when my dad for church officer there. Then we Moved and lived above the Grapes pub where my mum worked as a bar maid there.

I have to many people to mention that I have lost contact with so hoping someone will see this and remember me. My email is

Once again this is a great site and so glad I can visit the Vale any time I like now.

Great work

Sarah Lees Dempsey


7 April 2010

Does anyone remember Johnny Docherty who stayed in Stevenson's Buildings in Susannah St around 1960?

Lawrence Burke

lawrie at alliedworkplace dot co dot uk


2 February 2010


I have been on your site and found it very interesting. I was brought up in Levenbank Terrace, number 22, it was a great place to be brought up in and it gave me the foundation for a good life. My parents George and Agnes (Nancy) myself and my brother Ian moved to this area from Pollockshaws, we were both very young when we moved to the terrace. Our two bedroom upstairs flat with outside toilet has a lot of fantastic memories. Below us lived Mr and Mrs Dun, then across from us on the same level was Mrs Bruce, Below Mrs Bruce was Mr Lewis and his family, I think Mr Lewis was one of the first people to trundle up the terrace cobbles on an AA motorcycle with a side car, it was brilliant to see him in his uniform with his brown leather boots. Forget Wallace & Grommet.

My mother was a blind lady and she was well known and liked in the community, we had a very good friend next door upstairs called Euphemia Inglis who lived with her elderly father, she was a great support to my mother and I regularly would stay overnight with this lady that I called. aunt.

My brother and me and out friends used to look forward to school holidays, I went to Jamestown School, Miss MacArthur and Miss Coloughn from Luss were my teachers, great school. We used to go fishing up the burn, we would start down Dalvait and with our wellies, or plimsolls on would hed up the burn with our carrot net and tryn and catch trout, we could be out all day and only get back late in the afternoon with our catch, we used to try and sell it to the hotels in Balloch.

I have so many things that I could say about this beautiful part of the world and so many memories that it would take me forever, it was a great place, and the people were so kind and caring, Elliot's shop, and also Davidson's (where I used to buy 10 penny pickles out of the big jar with my pocket money, getting sugar sandwiches for doing errands, Jimmy Smiths pub, the co-operative when you bought butter from Mrs Miller and it was wrapped in paper, the horse and cart coming up the terrace to deliver milk, loved giving the horse pinched bread, playing Milton and Naperson terrace in dung field, the piggery that used to be over our terrace wall, the station, oh when should I stop, I could go on for ever.

Before I close a very famous person from the terrace, Constable Sprott, he used to live at the top end of the terrace near the steps that you went up that would take you near to the railway crossing (stucki bridge) what a lovely person, I wish the Police were like him today, my ear remembers him well, but I must have deserved it..

I could go on for ever, and remember so many people. I now live near to Manchester, but one thing for sure is it will never compete with where I was brought up, a community with spirit, trust and understanding for each other, most of the time.


Alastair McIntyre

alastair dot mcintyre at yahoo dot co dot uk


John Mcmonagle
3, burtt house,
Aske street,

Hi there
i have been reading about a mr Livesy from Tullichewan.I am sure I went to school with your sister Moira.I can remember you and Alex coming to my mothers house and my brother giving you guitar lessons.his name is Chic Mcmonagle and we lived at 29 bannachra crescent I changed my name to Johnny Tempest and I ended up earning my living playing my guitar. I played all the local venues and then played all over Scotland and the north of England.I found new management and he changed my name to Johnny T Logan, I never looked back since.I have a new life altogether and have now lived in London for almost 30yrs.I was awarded a great honour and privilage of been made a free man of the city of london.Unusual for a nobody who was born in Stirling street Renton and brought up in Tullichewan.
Ha Ha

Yours Fraternally
John Mcmonagle,
Johnny T Logan.

jtlogan @ hotmail dot co dot uk


          My name is Joseph Cairns ,I am 59 and live here in west Wales with my wife of some thirty years Lesley. I was born in Bonhill,spent most of my childhood in tullecheawn (Russell drive) 21.Went to st marys primary in the vale and st Patrick's high Dumbarton. Be happy to have contact with anyone who remembers me.

Kind Regards Joe Cairns.

joles dot ferry at btinternet dot com


13 November 2009

Hi I was born in at 5 stirling St my grandfather was Archie {redie} McKinley my uncle jimmy owned macaronies the baker on main St  there was also a sangesters fruit shop on main St next to the the school an galones ice cream on main St,across from  Jackie mullens store was further down McKinney,s sweetie shop was also across from the school he would come across to the school at playtime and we would buy some sweeties  I do have the first book about the renton and the cover photo is some of my great grand ma and my mother shes the one with the white hat sitting next to my aunt I was a little disappointed on the inside stories as the never mentioned the McIntyre the McKinley  Fleming,s the mills or even the Houston and I know these people were still there when it was published now I know they have other books which I would like to purchase if you can give me the address

Thank you betty. {McKinley  mclaren }maiden |name

robleyd at bellsouth dot net


Hi there,
            My name is Sandra Rout. I was wondering if any of you remember or heard of a Cunningham Family who lived in Renton around 1900.
I know, so long ago.
There was Mary Cunningham, head of the family and Mary, Archibald, William, Janet (my great granmother ),Thomas, Andrew, Marrion and John.
I would really apreciate any help with any connections.
Thank you for your time.

rout1 at tesco dot net


4 August 2009

I found your site while looking up Tullichewan Castle.
The entries and the names of a few people that I went to school with brought back a lot of memories.
Thank you.

As a side note, I have been looking for the words of "The Brae's o' Bonhill"
If anyone can help, thank you in advance.

I have been living in Canada since 1967 and sites like this me realise that you can't leave home no matter how far you travel.

Ian McGlashan of Tullichewan, Bonhill and the Haldane.

ianjoan at telus dot net


Hi Ian,

Here you go...


Oh weel dae I mind o’ ma earlier days
When mony’s a time I climbed the high braes.
A’ sat by the burnie that’s aye runnin still,
The wee burn that runs doon the braes o’ Bonull

[CHORUS: The braes o’Bonull are aye clad wi’ weans
Some pullin daisies and ithers chippin stanes,
The crying o’ the cuckoo and the roarin’ o’ the bull
And you’ll aye be contented on the braes o’ Bonull]

If ye want tae walk yer lass, I’ll tell you whaur tae gang,
Just go up the Slunger and as ye go alang
Ask her there to be your wife and kiss her at her will
And then gie her a dauner o’er the braes o’ Bonull.
Noo I’m getting auld and I’m sorry for to say,
My legs they are frail and my hair is turning gray
Noo I sit by the door on my three legit still
And watch the bairnies playing on the braes o’ Bonull
Noo I maun away, I hae bide’t rather lang,
And I hope you’re a’ content wi’ my wee bit humble sang,
But if we ever meet again and hae another gill
We’ll drink success to the days we spent on the braes o’ Bonull

You can also find these words along with the "Valley where the Leven Flows" and "Beautiful Vale" on the local Robert Burns club website.

Latest: We have now created a page with listings of songs, poems and prose about the Vale of Leven. View this here.


21 June 2009


I am trying to get some information with regards to my father, Robert Hay who comes from Renton, and was a member of the Leven Vale Rowing Club in the 1940's ' 1950's.

I am particularly interested in any pictures or news clippings from the Regatta in which the boat that he was in sank, I am sure this made the news in the local papers.

Unfortunately due to ill health my father is not able to provide me with much information, I do remember seeing the clipping when I was a child. I would be very grateful if anyone could either provide me with information or point me in the right direction.

many thanks
Gordon Hay
anfieldred at talktalk dot net

19 April 2009

Hi Brian,

just to let you know I enjoy your website born at 48 back st. Renton in 1930 I have so many great memories,I left in 1956 for Canada have had a great life hear but Renton will always be home.Coming on holiday on 14 may for 4 weeks i will be down the Renton and hope to see some old friends from  my days with the Renton Select.

all the best
Jim Brown 

annjim at telus dot net


27 March 2009

I would appreciate hearing from any old school mates from Haldane Primary, Vale of Leven Academy & Clydebank Tech who knew me in the sixties & seventies. At the moment I reside in Johannesburg, South Africa, although I am working on a construction site in Tamatave, Madagascar. It is 22 years since I have been in Scotland but I would really appreciate contacts from past associates, male & female.

Duncan Jenkinson

duncanjay at vodamail dot co dot za


17 January 2009

My name is Gordon Angus Urquhart
My father and grandfathers were residents of Bon hill for many generations. Angus Robertson Urquhart who resided in Bon hill with his wife Isabella Nellie Mccaskill was a star football player for Dumbarton scoring 41 goals in 44 matches before breaking his leg.

My grandmother once said that Walter McCaskill had a dairy that sold milk to the locals and they lived in Main St. Walters father was John MCcaskill. Who died in 1904

I was just wondering if you might have any history on the Mccaskills or Urquhart's of Bon Hill.

Angus Robertson and Isabella McCaskill migrated to Australia around 1959.

My Father was Angus McCaskill Urquhart b 1929 . One of the things he told me was as a young child he would go to a place where there were Lions guarding an entrance. The other thing he said was that during WW2 he was sticking his head out the window while the gunners were shooting flak into the air and his father pulled his head inside to avoid being shot. Is there any truth in these tales.

If any one in the Vale has any info to help with my family tree project it would be greatly appreciated.

With sincere regards

Gordon A Urquhart
Brisbane Queensland Australia.

gordiu at bigpond dot com


22 October 2008

I found out about this site from the Lennox and have been surfing it on a regular basis. As a Vale boy now living in Barrie ,Ontario,Canada it is great to see aall the old photos etc. Some readers might remember my Mum Agnes Miller (Freel) who worked in Fyffes the Bakers for a number of years. My wife Margaret nee Cannon was a teacher of music in the schools aand the organist at St.Kessogs in Balloch. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Miller. email to dusty dot legs at rogers dot com


27 September 2008

Hi Malky Lobban here again.

I would like to get in touch with my old workmate from CSB Faslane days, namely Gordon Lamont. I think he lives about Bramble Lane, in Jamestown. I have lost his address.

Best wishes. . .Malky. (email to lobban at optusnet dot com dot au)


10 September 2008

I have attached an old photograph of our class in the Vale of Leven primary school (Levenvale) circa 54. I am not looking for anyone in particular, just to see what everyone has done with their life. I left for Australia in December 1959.

Just wondering if anyone in the vale remembers my best mate Jim Wood (Wee Woody) and I was known as (Sinky). He was killed in Palma, Majorca, Spain. Hit and run on the 23 July 1967.

As I left for Australia in December 1959, I only have photographs of the earlier years, and was wondering if anyone who knew him would like to share.

Robert Sinclair (email to makeitso at optusnet dot com dot au)

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"For those we loved are scattered,
and some in death sleep soun',
and the old oak tree sae bonnie,
has long since been cut doon".

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