The Local War Memorials

Local Connections

What connection with the area did a soldier need to be listed on a Memorial? For the great majority the answer was simply that they lived in the area. However other qualifications also applied such as a family connection, or the fact that the person had worked in the area. Quite rightly, the Committees cast the net widely and aimed at inclusion rather than exclusion so that if a name was put forward it was accepted. This was particularly true with people who no longer lived in the area and most of the late additions to the Memorial lists were of men who longer lived in the area but either had lived here or had strong family connections here. The few who appear on more than one Vale Memorial have strong connections in both places – e.g. born and brought up in Alexandria but married and living in Renton.

No one else on any of the 4 memorials can come anywhere near comparison with Captain Allan Ewing Gilmour when it comes to appearing on more than one Memorial. His father was William Ewing Gilmour and his mother was Jessie Gertrude Campbell of Tullichewan. Between them they had donated the Gilmour Institute and the Women’s Institute both in Gilmour St Alexandria which was named after them. Their official address was still at Woodbank House Balloch (later the Woodbank Hotel), although for the previous 20 years or so William Gilmour Ewing had being buying up estates in the north of Scotland, many from the Duke of Sutherland and many of them were infamous for having been cleared by the Duke. The Gilmour’s main residence in the north was at Rosehall which is in the south east corner of Sutherland and Allan Gilmour lived there when he got married, although his official War Department record still gives his home address as Woodbank, Balloch. He therefore qualifies without any doubt to be listed on the Alexandria War Memorial and he duly appears there.

However, his name also appears on the War Memorials of the Sutherland parishes in which his father owned property: Rosehall, Strathay, Kincardine and Croick and Durness which is about as far away from Rosehall as it is possible to get in Sutherland (see photograph of Durness memorial). He probably doesn’t hold the record for the number of parish War Memorials on which he appears, but its an impressive performance none the less.

Allan Gilmour Alexandria

Allan Gilmour Durness

Allan Gilmour’s name on Alexandria War Memorial (left) and Durness War Memorial (right). Place mouse pointer over Durness image to see detail.

In every case, the names are engraved on stone or slate on the four memorials with metal lettering added on some of them. Although the engravers did an excellent job some mistakes did creep in which it was well nigh impossible to correct after the event, but we have listed all names; spellings, units etc as they appear on the Memorials. In the second section of this article which will contain short biographies of the men of whose identity we are certain, we will comment on any such mistakes.

Time has taken its toll on all of the memorials and the inscriptions are hard to read on some of them, although Renton was refurbished when it was moved to its present site at the School Green where it was rededicated on 1st October 1988 and further refurbishment took place in 2006 thanks to the work of Alex Bisland and the late Jim Murphy who added a number of names missing from the Memorial in both wars. The Alexandria Memorial was given a major face-lift last year (2011) and is back to something like its original condition.  Floodlighting was also added at that time and the sight of the floodlit Memorial at night is a considerable enhancement to its impact. Shortly after that refurbishment a final WW2 name was added 66 years after the War’s end. The letters on the Kilmaronock memorial are now very difficult to read. Of the four, Luss has stood the test of time best and its inscriptions are crystal clear.

Bonhill Parish War Memorial or Alexandria Cenotaph

The first of the War Memorials to be unveiled was the Bonhill Parish War Memorial or Alexandria Cenotaph, as it was called virtually from the start, which stands in the Christie Park, Alexandria. It was built by the Bonhill Parish War Memorial Committee whose records have survived in their entirety in a bound book in Dumbarton Library. Although it was formed “under the auspices of the Parish Council of Bonhill” and although it co-opted all of Councillors of Bonhill Parish Council (BPC) onto its Committee it was a voluntary organisation which raised all of the required money itself as well as making the big decisions on choice of architect, design, location etc.

The inaugural Public Meeting of the Committee was held on 30th April 1919 in the Co-operative Hall, Bank Street, Alexandria “with a view to the erection of a Memorial to the local men who had fallen in the War.” It was a well attended meeting as was to be expected and the platform party included:

Major George H Christie who had not only been wounded but who had also been decorated for conspicuous gallantry while serving with the 9th Argylls in the Ypres sector, Major RE Findlay of Boturich who was also a county councillor, most of the councillors on BPC, JT Ferguson (of the Old Vale and its Memories and the Epilogue fame), JR Brown a prominent local lawyer and 4 ministers – Revs Hamilton, McLean, MacMorran and McNab. Major George Christie took the chair and remained the chairman for the rest of the project.

The first business of the meeting was to elect a Committee and while all of the BPC councillors were co-opted onto it, the need for a more broadly based membership was also recognised – after all the councillors had comprehensively failed to produce a Roll of Honour. It was decided to elect an additional 3 people from each council ward (4 in some wards) which was a wise move, both for fund-raising and also collecting names of the fallen, which were the most onerous duties of the members of the committee. The additional members included ministers who would be familiar with their congregations, school teachers and other well-kent Vale people. George MacLeod who was also the Parish Registrar was appointed the Hon Secretary and Treasurer which was another good move as his exemplary minutes, accounts and other records amply testify.

There was a major omission from the Committee elected by that first meeting - there were no Roman Catholic clergyman on it. However that oversight was corrected a few days later when Rev Fathers McCabe and Murray were added along with Rev DM McLaren and a representative of the Federation of Discharged Soldiers and Sailors and a representative of The Comrades of the Great War.

Various suggestions were discussed about what form of the Memorial might take which showed that many people had already put serious thought into this. They included:

The Chairman, Major Christie, said “leave it to the Committee” whose job it would be to consider all suggestions submitted to them. This was accepted by the meeting, although apparently not by some Parish Councillors who continued to raise the matter from time to time in Council meetings.

There was one other suggestion which deserves to be mentioned – a proposal to site the memorial up beside the reservoir overlooking the whole of the Vale and Loch Lomond. This was probably the most dramatic site and certainly the one with the best view and it’s no surprise that it was given serious consideration. However, it was felt on balance that it was too much out of the way, which was probably the right decision from a practical point of view.

There was one other matter relating to the Memorial which came to occupy the thoughts of some councillors – captured German guns. The government had announced that localities may be given 1 or 2 captured German guns to place beside the local war memorial. There was much confusion about who would get the guns and when, what conditions might apply and indeed if the plan would go ahead at all. One condition which was floated was that priority would be given to parishes in which a resident or far more likely, a late resident, had won a VC. Strangely enough Bonhill would have qualified more or less on a technicality because John Reginald Noble Graham, whose father Sir John Frederick Noble Graham rented Cameron House while Major Smollett was away serving in the war, won the VC in 1917 while serving with the Argylls and his home address was Cameron House which is in Bonhill Parish.

The Bonhill Parish Councillors had absolutely no influence over the provision of the guns and there was nothing they could do about them except talk, which was of course what they were at their happiest doing. There was opposition to accepting the guns in case they upset people who had lost relatives and also for the practical reason that they might well sink into the ground at the Christie Park and for a short time there was an active debate in the letters to the Lennox Herald about whether or not guns should be sought. It’s not clear if any guns did arrive in Alexandria, but two guns were certainly delivered to Renton and placed not at the War Memorial at the Howgate, where there wasn’t enough room, but at the School Green close to where the Renton Memorial now stands, but actually in the school grounds

Meanwhile the Ward Committees got on with the real work of collecting money and the names of the dead and the Memorial Committee chose a designer and worked with him to develop a design. The designer was Mr D Y Cameron RA of Kippen who was also responsible for the Kilmaronock War Memorial and the architects were Messrs Bell & Harvey of Stirling. Cameron’s design is clearly heavily influenced by the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which was the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens, but since that is one of the 20th century’s architectural gems that is no bad thing.


The Alexandria War Memorial in the Christie Park and the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.


Incidentally, Lutyens’ Whitehall Cenotaph was originally a temporary structure made of plaster and wood which was hurriedly put together to act as a focal point for the peace celebrations of 19th July 1919. Literally overnight it became covered in flowers placed there by members of the public with whom it obviously struck a chord. As the flowers continued to pile up in the next few days the Prime Minister David Lloyd George, shrewd politician that he was, decided that the people had spoken. Plans for a national competition for the design and build of a national war memorial in Hyde Park, London, which was to have been organised by a committee of the usual bureaucratic suspects, were immediately scrapped. Lutyens temporary structure in Whitehall was rebuilt in Portland stone and it became the people’s National War Memorial. That was a happy piece of serendipity, not only for the nation but also, as it happened, for the Vale.

By December 1919 the ward Committees had collected 313 names and issued the list for inspection. Over the next 6 months or so as the fund raising went on many more names were added and when the tenders were issued the builders were asked to tender for 336 names with a separate price for additional names. Details of the two tender documents are in the bound book of the proceedings of the Committee:

  1. Messrs JA Paton, Alexandria - £1,750 with slate tablets or £2,070 for granite tablets. For names additional to 336, 8d per letter on slate. 9d per letter on granite.
  1. H B Jardine, 21 Arthur Street Alexandria - £1,756 with slate tablets, £2,080 with granite. 10p per additional letter in slate, 1/- per letter in granite.

The tender was awarded to J A Paton. It is constructed of Auchenheath stone from Lanarkshire with tablets of Welsh slate. It is 30 ft high and its base measures 28ft 6 inches by 19ft 5 inches. Apart from the tablets with the names, there are very few words on the memorial, simply “To the glory of God and in memory of the men of Bonhill Parish who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-19.” The Memorial was erected on what had been a children’s swing park in the Christie Park Alexandria.

On Saturday 28th May 1921 the Memorial was unveiled by Colonel Sir Iain Colquhoun of Luss the Lord Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire, whose duty it was to perform the unveiling ceremony at many of the county’s War Memorials. A large crowd had gathered in the Christie Park and most shops in Alexandria closed between 2 and 3 o’clock as a mark of respect as the unveiling approached. Before performing the ceremony, Sir Iain inspected the ex-servicemen who paraded. Several minutes silence was followed by a dedicatory prayer from Rev J Finlayson Young, followed by a lament played by Pipe Major Richard Stewart of Vale of Leven Pipe Band while the Last Post was performed by Bugler Young of Renton.

Major Christie placed a wreath from the War Memorial Committee followed by Mr George Halkett who placed one on behalf of the ex-servicemen. They were then followed by a great many members of the public laying their own tributes.

Probably because of its similarity to the Whitehall Cenotaph, right from its unveiling the Bonhill Parish War Memorial was known as the Alexandria Cenotaph, a tradition which has continued ever since.

There are 363 names on the Cenotaph which is the same number as appear on the list of names in the Committee’s records. However, 4 of these names were added in hand writing to the printed list and even to-day it is obvious that they were added to the Cenotaph after the rest of the engraving had been completed – they are slightly smaller than the names above them and very slightly out of alignment.

The names are listed by Regiment and then by rank and then in alphabetical order within Regiment and Rank. This may be a bit hierarchical and is in contrast to Renton where everyone is listed in alphabetical order with only their regimental affiliation also named. The Luss Memorial carries this a stage further, providing only names in alphabetical order, no rank or unit name. For the purpose of uniquely identifying a person the information provided on the Alexandria Cenotaph makes the job a wee bit easier, and at the other extreme the lack of information on the Luss Memorial makes it a lot more difficult, but of course the Committees didn’t have that in mind.

The Names on Alexandria Cenotaph

The names of the men listed on the Alexandria Cenotaph are as follows:

Surname First Rank Unit
Aitchison Thomas A J Lieut HLI
Aitken Robert Pte ASH
Allan Daniel MDF Pte Black Watch
Anderson James Pte Gordon  Highlanders
Anderson William G Gunr Royal Field Artillery
Andrew Arthur Lieut London Regiment
Andrews Adam Pte ASH
Angus James F L/Cpl ASH
Archibald James Pte GH
Armstrong Arthur Pte Scottish Rifles
Arnott Thomas Pte ASH
Bain John Pte ASH
Beaton Campbell Pte ASH
Bell Andrew Sgt SR
Biggar Mathew Pte ASH
Bisland Walter Pte GH
Blair Neil Pte HLI
Blyth Walter Pte ASH
Boyd James L/Cpl ASH
Brannigan William Pte ASH
Brooks Harry R G Sapper Royal Engineers
Brooks Robert J Pte ASH
Brown Joseph Pte Machine Gun Corps
Cain Archibald Pte SH
Caldwell Daniel Pte ASH
Callinan John Cpl ASH
Cameron Alexander Drvr MGC
Cameron Allan Cpl New Zealand Forces
Cameron Archibald L/Cpl RE
Cameron George Pte ASH
Cameron William Pte Australian Imperial Forces
Campbell A Melfort Midsman Royal Navy
Campbell Alex Pte GH
Campbell Duncan Pte ASC
Campbell John Pte BW
Campbell John G Gunr RFA
Campbell Peter Sgt RSF
Campbell Thomas Driver ASC
Campbell William E L/Cpl ASH
Candlish George Pte HLI
Candlish Henry Pte Royal Scots
Cantley George Pte ASH
Carmichael Martin Pte ASH
Carmichael Thomas Pte ASC
Carr James Pte Royal Scots Fusiliers
Carrol Thomas Pte RS
Chalmers David Cpl RFA
Chapman John D Engine RN
Chrystal Ian C Lieut Seaforth Highlanders
Clarke William Pte Ordnance Corps
Cleary William Pte SH
Cleghorn George Cpl GH
Connelly Patrick Gunr RGA
Constable James Cpl HLI
Cook Robert Pte ASH
Copeland Hugh Pte ASH
Craig Arthur Pte ASH
Craig Frederick C F-Sgt Royal Air Force
Craig George Pte Scots Guards
Craig James Sgt SH
Crawford Arthur Pte Canadian Expeditionary Forces
Crawford William Pte CEF
Crombie John L/Cpl ASH
Crowe Charles Pte HLI
Crum Ewing Alexander 2nd Lt SH
Cunningham James Pte ASH
Cunningham James Pte CEF
Cunningham Robert Pte ASH
Cunningham Thomas Pte ASH
Cunningham William Pte Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Curley Thomas Pte ASH
Currie Alexander Pte KOSB
Currie Kenneth Driver RFA
Cusick James Pte RSF
Davie Hugh S Lieut CEF
Davie William S Sgt ASH
Dempster Wm Y Pte ASH
Denny Joseph Pte ASH
Denny William Driver RFA
Devaney William Cabin Boy Trans Ser / ASH
Docherty James Pte ASH
Docherty Joseph Pte Royal  Irish Regiment
Doig James C Pte ASH
Dolan Michael L/Cpl BW
Donnelly Peter Pte RSF
Dougan James Pte S H
Dow John Pte MGC
Dowall William Pte Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
Easton Archibald Pte GH
Elliot James Pte RS
Fanning Alex McL Pte ASH
Fanning William Pte ASH
Farmer Peter Pte RS
Farquhar Jack F-Lt Royal Air Force
Ferguson Colin Pte ASH
Ferguson Donald Pte Cameron Highlanders
Ferguson James Cpl ASH
Ferguson John L/Cpl KOSB
Ferrie Denis Pte ASH
Finlayson Alex C F-Lt RAF
Finlayson Peter Pte Forfar Yeomanry
Finnigan James Pte RS
Finnigan Thomas Pte BW
Fleming Hugh Lieut HLI
Flind James Pte GH
Franklin Harry Gunr RFA
Freel Harry Cpl USA Army
Freel John Pte ASH
Gaitens Patrick Pte ASH
Galbraith James R Lieut RFA
Gallacher Thomas Pte ASH
Galt James Pte BW
Galt William Sgt RSF
Gellatly Andrew B Pte MGC
Gilmour Allan Capt Lovat Scouts
Goldie Thomas Pte RSF
Goudie James Sgt RE
Goudie Robert A Pte BW
Graham Duncan McF Pte GH
Graham John Sgt CH
Graham Peter Capt African Rifles
Graham William Farrier RFA
Grant Peter Pte RSF
Grant Robert Pte ASH
Gray Robert Pte ASH
Green Francis Cpl BW
Haddow Walter Pte SH
Haggarty George Pte ASH
Haggarty Peter Pte GH
Hall John R Pte GH
Hartley David L/Cpl ASH
Henderson Finlay Pte CEF
Hogg William Pte RS
Howard James R Gunr Royal Garrison Artillery
Irving James Gunr RGA
Izatt Gordon W Gunr RGA
Jackson George Pte CH
Jardine Daniel Sgt SG
Jardine George Pte Royal Irish Fusiliers
Jenkinson David Sgt RSs
Jenkinson John Pte ASH
Jenkinson Robert Pte ASH
Kane James Pte ASH
Kempton Thomas Cpl HLI
Kennedy Donald Pte KOSB
Kennedy Thomas Sapper RE
Kennedy William Pte Durham Light Infantry
Kinloch James Pte AIF
Kinsella Hugh Sgt ASH
Kirkham Thomas Pte SH
Lafferty James Pte Sherwood Forresters
Lamont James Pte RSF
Lamont Robert Pte RS
Lang David S Pte HLI
Lavelle Michael Pte RS
Lee William L/Cpl ASH
Lees George M Pte MGC
Lees John Pte AIF
Leishman John Pte BW
Leishman William Pte ASH
Leitch John Pte ASH
Lennie William G Pte Royal West Kent Reg
Leslie David C L/Cpl Northumberland Fusiliers
Leslie Robert McK Cpl BW
Lindsay James Pte SH
Lindsay Peter McF Cpl ASH
Lough James L/Cpl ASH
Lowe Henry Pte ASH
Lynn John Pte SG
MacDonald James Pte RSF
MacLagan Peter Sapper RE
MacMillan John Mackie Lieut KOSB
Malcolmson Duncan Pte ASH
Malcolmson George Lieut South African Forces
Malcolmson James Sgt ASH
Malcolm Alexander Seaman RN
Maley John Pte ASH
Malloch James Pte MGC
Malloch John Pte ASH
Marquis Ernest Sgt GH
Martin Francis Pte AIF
Martin Patrick Pte KOSB
Maxwell William J Pte RSF
McAdam Walter Pte RSF
McArthur James Pte ASH
McAulay Alexander Pte SG
McBarnes Henry Pte Kings Liverpool Regiment
McBeth Charles Sgt GH
McBride Arthur Pte ASH
McBrien William Pte ASH
McCairns William Pte SH
McCallion John Seaman RN
McCallion Patrick Pte ASH
McCallum William C Pte Royal  Defence Corps
McColl John Trooper 2nd Dragoons
McColl John Trooper 9th Lancers
McColl John L Pte ASH
McCormick George L/Cpl CH
McCrimmon John A-W RAF
McCutcheon John Pte MGC
McDermid Donald Pte ASH
McDonald Alex Pte SR
McDonald George Pte ASH
McDonald John A-W RAF
McDonald John Pte SH
McDonald John Pte GH
McDonald John Pte Army Service Corps
McDonald William Sgt CEF
McEwan Alexander Pte AIF
McEwan John Pte ASC
McEwan Thomas Pte ASH
McFadyen William Pte HLI
McFarlane Alfred Gunr RGA
McFarlane George Pte ASH
McGill Robert Pte SR
McGookin Robert Pte RS
McGowan John Pte ASH
McGregor Alex Pte SR
McGregor Neil Sgt ASH
McInnes Robert Gunr RGA
McIntyre Chris Pte ASH
McIntyre Daniel Sig ASH
McIntyre Duncan Pte ASH
McIntyre George Pte ASH
McIntyre George Pte SH
McIntyre James Cpl NZF
McIntyre John Pte ASH
McIntyre John Sgt CH
McIntyre Walter Lieut Border Regiment
McKay Murdoch Pte GH
McKay Watson Pte BW
McKean James W’less Op Transport Services (Merchant Navy)
McKechnie William Pte RS
McKellar John Pte HLI
McKenzie Peter Pte ASH
McKerracher Donald Pte GH
McKinlay Francis Pte RS
McKinlay Robert Pte ASH
McKinlay William Pte SR
McLachlan Daniel Pte HLI
McLachlan David L/Cpl BW
McLean James P Pte GH
McLellan James D Pte ASH
McLintock John S Pte AIF
McMeechan James Pte SR
McMillan Neil W’less RN
McMurrich Alexander Pte RSF
McNair Hugh Pte CEF
McNicol Matthew Pte GH
McQueen Robert Pte ASH
McRae George Driver RFA
McRae James Pte ASH
McRae John Pte CEF
McRae Robertson Driver RE
McRae William Sapper RE
McVean Hugh Cpl SAF
Melville George Driver RFA
Menzies David Pte ASH
Millar John McC Pte RS
Miller Charles Pte GH
Miller Charles S L/Cpl ASH
Miller Hugh F Pte GH
Miller James L/Cpl MGC
Miller John Pte RS
Miller John Pte HLI
Moir Alex McD Pte ASH
Montgomery John N Cpl CEF
Morris Thomas Pte SR
Mullan Frank Gunr RFA
Munro Donald Pte ASH
Munro William K Cpl CEF
Murie David Gunr Tank Corps
Murphy Patrick Pte SH
Napier Thomas Pte HLI
Nellis James Pte Inniskilling Fusiliers
Newton John Pte CEF
Newton John Pte SAF
Newton Robert P Pte ASH
Nixon Patrick Pte RIF
O’Brien John Pte ASH
O’Brien Daniel Pte 2nd Dragoons
O’Hare John Pte RSF
Ogg William Pte GH
Park Johnston L Gunr RGA
Parker George Pte KOSB
Parlane William R Driver RFA
Paterson James Pte ASH
Paterson William Pte West Yorkshire Regiment
Paul John Sgt AIF
Peters Thomas Sgt ASH
Peters Thomas Cpl RSF
Peterson Norman Cpl ASH
Pollock Robert Pte ASH
Proctor James Pte ASH
Quinn James Pte ASH
Rae Daniel Pte SH
Richmond Thomas Gunner RN
Ritchie John Pte ASH
Ritchie John H Pte SG
Robb Charles Pte ASH
Robb John Pte CH
Robertson Harry C Pte ASH
Robertson John Pte KOSB
Robertson Joseph Pte SH
Robertson Peter Cpl ASH
Robertson William M Gunr RGA
Rochford James Pte SR
Ross Andrew Pte ASC
Ross George Cpl GH
Ross John Pte SG
Ross Robert Clerk RAF
Ross William Pte BW
Routledge William Driver Royal Horse Artillery
Russell John McG Pte ASH
Pollock Samuel L/Cpl ASH
Sharp Buchanan Sapper RE
Simpson Andrew M Pte BW
Sinclair Robert T Pte ASH
Smith James Pte GH
Smith Wm McF Pte KOSB
Snowden Robert Pte GH
Spence John Pte ASH
Starsmeare Walter G Sapper RE
Stevenson Archibald Pte ASH
Stevenson Donald Pte KOSB
Stevenson Robert L/Cpl GH
Stevenson Thomas Pte BW
Stewart John S/Maj ASH
Stirling Thomas Pte GH
Strachan Robinson Drvr AIF
Struthers James Pte ASH
Struthers William Pte ASH
Strutt John Cpl Kings Liverpool Regiment
Taig James Pte ASH
Taig Thomas Sapper RE
Tait David Pte ASH
Tait William Pte ASH
Taylor Alexander Pte GH
Taylor James Pte KOSB
Thomson John Pte SR
Thomson Robert Pte RSF
Travers Hugh Pte ASH
Turnbull Angus H Gunr RGA
Urquhart Donald Pte SH
Waddell Robert Pte KOSB
Walker Benjamin Pte ASH
Wallace Henry Pte RS
Wallace John Pte SR
Ward William Pte ASH
Wardlaw Robert Pte BW
Watkinson William W Pte ASH
Watson Hugh Pte ASH
Watt George M L/Cpl SR
Watt James Pte ASH
Westland Edward B Pte GH
White Andrew Pte SH
Wight John Pte ASH
Wilson John A/Capt SH
Wilson William Pte AIF
Wright William B Pte HLI
Yates John Pte GH
Young John P Pte ASH
Young Thomas Pte BW



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"For those we loved are scattered,
and some in death sleep soun',
and the old oak tree sae bonnie,
has long since been cut doon".

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