The 1953 Coronation in the Vale

We received some interesting images of a street party in Govan Drive taken at the time of the coronation back in 1953. Once again we have to thank Graham Lappin (who is in a couple of them) for coming up with these photos.

We have posted them below and created this new page, where we hope to be able to publish more images of similar events during that time. Please feel free to send us your images and we'll put them up here for all to enjoy!

Govan Drive Coronation Party

The Assembled Crowd (Click to Enlarge)


Renton Pipe Band

Renton Pipe Band parades at the top of Govan Drive. (Click to Enlarge)


Coronation party

The Children's Treat! (Click to Enlarge)


Baby Shadbolt's Christening Cup

This Image has a caption, "Baby Shadbolt's Christening Cup". (Click to Enlarge)


Bannachra Crescent Tullichewan

This is a picture submitted by Robert Sinclair who now lives in Australia. It is a coronation day picture taken in Tullichewan's Bannachra Crescent. Robert is bottom right in the picture standing beside Anna and Joan Lennox. (Click to Enlarge)


Bannachra Crescent Tullichewan

A photograph of the Coronation party held in Random Street, Alexandria. It was held in a hall at the top of Random Street where the street once met Mitchell Street. Submitted by Iain Livsey who is the third kid from the right sitting on the sidewalk. Ian's mother is the first lady from the right in the back row holding his sister Moira


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"For those we loved are scattered,
and some in death sleep soun',
and the old oak tree sae bonnie,
has long since been cut doon".

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